My City: Lover’s Lane

CATEGORY: Gift Ideas, Style

We’ve partnered with the Abbotsford News to share 7 Items perfect for a walk down Lover’s Lane!

1) Let us help you celebrate Love! Lots of great ideas including new Pajamas or a soft cuddly pillow from La Vie En Rose.
2) Wanting to send some love or appreciation to a teacher or friend, Purdy’s has you covered!
3) Is your office or school participating in Valentine’s Day? Add some pink, red or purple accessories available at Bootlegger.
4) Wanting a gift idea for your loved one? Sunglasses may not be traditional, but are a fantastic alternative. Check out Image Optometry or Vision Optical for lots of options.
5) Going with the classic Valentine’s gift?? Try lip stick or perfume with lots to choose from. Available at Shopper Drug Mart or Hudson’s Bay.
6) Are you wanting a little something special for yourself or your Galentine? Check out various scents, including ROSE from Bath and Body Works.
7) If you are looking for themed ideas that showcase LOVE, check out these great ideas at Aldo.

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